A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): N is for Not Safe For Work


We’re at the halfway point of the challenge!
So who wants to drop yet?
Haha, hopefully not. We’re almost at the end. And this has actually been WAY more fun than I thought. I really figured I’d drop by Day 4 or something. I don’t have a great track record with these kind of month-long commitments…
Okay, movie #14 is Not Safe For Work. And no, that wasn’t a warning to shut down this page or your browser.
I was expecting nekkid stuff, too, when I started watching it. But it’s actually an action crime thriller. And boy, oh boy, was I on the edge of my seat?
I don’t like to be chased, yet I get a thrill out of a chase scene in movies. Honestly. One of my favorite games is Marco Polo. Hide and seek, Freeze Tag and Capture the Flag are also neck-in-neck. All these games have one thing in common, there’s an element of heart-racing, AM-I-GOING-TO-GET-CAUGHT-NOW fun?
Also I scream a lot and since everyone usually screams in fear, anticipation and excitement with these games, no one ever looked at me like I was crazy.
Story time aside, Not Safe For Work features some paralegal guy, Tom, who just gets his arse fired at the start of the movie. Only on his way out of the law office he works at, doing the walk of shame with his box full of office supplies, he notices an exchange of a suitcase between two men in the lobby. As one guy leaves the building, the other guy heads up to the uppermost office of Tom’s former workplace.
Worried, and maybe more curious than worried at this point, Tom doesn’t alert the guard–stupid Tom–and he goes up to have a look-see.
Crazy stuff happens and now Tom and a few former employees working late become the victims of a soft-spoken hitman.
You, sir, can hit me up any time. 😉
Suffice to say you have to watch the movie because the action only really picks up when the killing begins, which is like 20ish minutes into the movie. Good stuff here. Also it ends off in a cliffy with all the making of an interesting sequel, though what the heck they’d call it, I don’t know… I guess just Not Safe For Work 2. Err, insert subtitle.


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