A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): P is for Porky’s


I wanted to watch Project X, which is a party movie—get it ‘P’ for Party—but I couldn’t seem to find it. Also I had Porky’s lying around and I’d been meaning to watch it, and its synopsis gave me the sense of what Project X would have been: both movies have a young cast of males who are pulling stupid stunts.

A scene at Porky’s strip bar…
And a toast from the peeps of Project X.
What’s the difference, right?
Tbh I’m pretty sure Porky’sis better than Project X. Most party movies nowadays are…um, annoying a bit. Like they almost try to raise the bar on the disgust level, and I remember reading this article about this crazy kid who decided to create his on viral “Project X” house-slash-street party.
Anyways, Porky’swas a funny movie. I LOVED it. And now I’m trying to re-watch it with my sisters.


Fair warning, it does make a lot of sexual references (explicit and implicit, though mostly explicit) and there’s partial nudity (i.e. stripper shows her boobs, you see butts and female pubic hair, etc.). But it’s pretty tame compared to what you can find in the Hangover trilogy or the Harold & Kumar movies.
So it’s not a family movie, but it is a film you should consider if you’ve watched any of the recent party and/or road trip movies with the same plot to party hard…


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