A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): Q is for Quarantine


I was planning to watch Quarantine back when the trailers aired in 2008, because I’d just watched 28 Weeks Later/28 Days Later and I’m a RE fan, so I’m all about zombie (or zombie-like) bio-apocalyptic entertainment.
But this movie was so-so (kinda like the 2nd 28 Days Later) and I really wanted to kill the heroine by the last 15 minutes. I get that the situation was crazy tense. The CDC locking them in and the rabies-infected tenants running around the apartment looking for…um, violence, tbh though I had no clue why they were eating people…
I was expecting a happy end, so I had no qualms about how this all went down in the end. And by the end, I really wanted the heroine to die. It was a blessing when she got dragged off.
I also didn’t quite understand why the landlord didn’t just give up the goods of the basement-sewer exit?? Like dude! What the heck. Everyone could have maybe, MAYBE lived if this old guy just came out with this alternative exit out of the apartment.


Or how these rabies-infected peeps were still alive after getting shot: I mean, what was the mythos behind this all? What rules were they playing by? One old lady gets shot in the chest twice and she’s still alive. So is she a zombie? Or… I didn’t even know what was going on sometimes.
And don’t get me started with the cult twist: just stop. Cults aren’t behind every evil thing that occurs.
Quarantine is all right. It was better than the Resident Evil movies–stir clear of those. I’d still recommend 28 Weeks/Days Later though.

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