A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): S is for So Undercover


I had a lot of movie choices for ‘S’, but I decided to go with So Undercover. And that would be two films this year where I’ve watched Miley Cyrus star as the MC (the first was LOL w/ Demi Moore).
Since I didn’t mind that first movie and Miley’s acting didn’t force me to chuck my remote at the TV, and I was drawn by the premise of a college sorority (what can I say? I think drama! And I liked House Bunny) I went ahead and watched the film.
Overall it wasn’t a terrible movie. I don’t actually go out of my way to consume entertainment I’ve been warned is crap… Why would I waste my time when I could use it better doing/watching/reading the things I might love?
Anyways. So Undercover is an okay movie, once you can get over the bad jokes and equally cringe-worthy conversations. Miley is awkward. Hella awkward, and after watching two movies (and a couple Hannah Montana episodes), I know it has nothing to do with the character’s portrayal.


It was a tame version of Mean Girls meets Veronica Mars, only more awkward and I didn’t really like the Dad’s character. The love interest was a cutie. The sorority girls were airheaded, but they weren’t as nasty as they could have been which was nice. And yeah, not a bad movie, so not discredit it just ‘cuz Miley’s in it.

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