A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): T is for This is the End


I was happy when I saw the end…of this movie.

It was bad. I mean I went totally expecting it would be annoying and long, and annoyingly long because Seth Rogen was in it.

Well, to be fair, Rogen and Jonah Hill and Danny McBride. Put them all together, acting like themselves–which doesn’t matter because they ALWAYS act like themselves. In. Every. Movie.

Or in every movie I forced myself to watch with these actors. Although I loved Hill in both Jump Street films, though again he was typecast in that role, too.  Let it be known, I hated 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. And no, I haven’t watched Pineapple Express yet. BTW that last film is described as a “stoner action comedy”. I guess this means like Harold & Kumar, which was pretty terrible when you take away a couple giggles I had.
I make it a point to avoid things I know I’ll probably dislike.

And you know what?! They actually mention it in the movie! Ha. Best part, and I had to grudgingly give kudos to Rogen.

And what was this movie supposed to really be about? I wasn’t expecting it to go the Biblical apocalyptic way. Why? -shakes head-

So this movie was just a bunch of guys who decide to get stoned over the course of a religious apocalypse. There’s an exorcism. Beams from the sky that are not from alien invaders, unless you count angels and God as aliens…
McBride eats James Franco. Random face-dropping of celebrities (i.e. cameos from Rihanna, MacLovin’ Plasse, Michael Cera, etc. Also Channing Tatum who looked to be reprising his role from Magic Mike–another dumb movie. Great premise, stupid execution).

Oh, oh! The best part was heaven. And since they kept name-dropping Jesus and the Holy Trinity, I’m guessing a Christian heaven… But what the heck. This ending basically undid the whole premise of the film: to be good enough to get beamed up to heaven.

The only good thing I could say about this movie was this.

A.J: OMG we’re back again.
Me: Umm… Where did you go to start with?

Watch this film at your own discretion.
WARNING: you may lose your time and hate yourself for it.

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