A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): U is for Upside Down


I watched another Kristen Dunst movie. I actually didn’t want to. I’m not a fan of her acting. She’s pretty but plain, and she’s typecast into these daze-eyed romantic roles. But her character, Eden, was a far cry better than her role as Marie Antoinette. That much I can say in this film’s favor.

So, what is Upside Down about? Well, it made me wonder if it was based off a YA dystopian-scifi novel. It would make a good book, but the visuals were better captured through the film medium.

The sad part was this movie would make a better thriller than a romance…or w/e it was going for. Nothing revolutionary happened. I mean, in book terms like me put it like this: it was authors Amy Ewing’s Jewel trilogy and Kiera Cass’ The Selection series (I’m using these examples cause I just read these books).

Like these books, Upside Down was a love story set in a world that happens to be fantasical place where two–and discredit me here for my science skills–planets are in the same orbit??? Wikipedia describes it as a “two-planet home world”, so there. They probably get the visual across better.

It took me thirty minutes to warm to the movie and the world that was being presented to me. I still don’t understand WHY the pink bees can float from world to world to gather pollen? Or why the honey had to be pink, and not red, or green or blue? Not that I was complaining. Pink is my favorite color.

Tbh I was waiting for hte part where they would have sex. No, I wasn’t being a pervert. I was just…curius. How does one have sex if Eden and, hero Adam, are from opposite worlds? And no. No those dumb names were not lost on me. The sex was off-screen but I know it happened because Eden, who I keep wanting to call Eve, tells Adam the news that they’re to be parents to twins and that, SURPRISE, her pregnancy seems to have changed gravity for her and she’s able to live with him…”down below”. Yes, I laughed every time someone said “down below”. Sounded like a frikkin’ euphemism for hell or some other terrible abyss when the way I saw it, it all depended on what world you were on.

Lol, could this get any more Biblical? (Maybe the sequel will star their twins, named Cain and Abel, err, I mean Kain and Able.)

Joking aside though, I liked this movie better than Elizabethtown. Just don’t get too disappointed if you don’t get the MJ and Spidey upside down kiss. This is how close we get, and in a role reversal:

And closer:
On a totally random note, this film is Canadian. So go Canada!

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