BAKING REVIEW (4): Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake
I’ve decided to challenge myself to eat fruits more this month. So far it’s going good, I’ve been replacing my chocolate with the more natural sugars from apples, pineapples, berries, etc. But I figured that I could do one better: find a dessert that brings in a bit of my healthier turn for April.
I wanted something simple. I’m still taking baby steps with this whole baking thing. I mean I bake and I bake frequently, but I’m also super relaxed and I appreciate the “art” of easy, quick results.

So the original recipe looked like this:

And this is what my attempt looked like, and a fair warning of the aesthetics:

And before I cut it:

So I need to work on the recipe visually.
Confession time! I never worked with whip cream before…yeah. I’m sorta live with a plain palate. On a similar note, I don’t even do salad dressing. What can I say?
Anyways, it tastes good! I definitely recommend this recipe. I don’t know if other variants add more flavor. My family gave me their approval, and they seem to be eating it so I guess that proves they aren’t just being kind to me.
My verdict:
(4 hearts)

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