A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): W is for What We Do in the Shadows


I went ahead and decided to role with another vampire flick. What We Do in the Shadows is like the male version of Vamps: instead of two single female vampires, the film is a mockumentary following the lifestyle of 4 male vampires rooming together.

It was okay-funny, not haha-funny. We get to know each of the vampires. They’re all old, so it was a nice contrast when a young vampire joins their little night party. The mythology was shaky if non-existent. The purpose of the so-called “documentary” was to follow these vampires in their natural habitat. In the end…the whole camera crew is killed, so I never figured out how the end was filmed.

I guess the company dispatched other guys? It was weird.
Also not just vampires, as zombies and werewolves make a cameo.

Lol @ that motto.

It’s a strange movie, with a strong concept but a sorta weak execution… It could have used tighter direction. Still check it out if you’re looking for something varied.

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