BOOK REVIEW (39): Prime Suspect (Falsely Accused #3)

Prime Suspect
Okay, so I went from reading an erotic romance to an inspirational.
Talk about major change. Lol.
Still after I got a taste of suspense from that erotic rom, I wanted to actually read a suspense/mystery again. So I didn’t have to dig around my TBR too find Virginia Smith’s Prime Suspect.
This story follows Darcie Wiley, who’s really young… She’s like 22, which surprised me. Anyways, Darcie finds herself in a heap of trouble as murder suspect #1 when she stumbles on a body. She isn’t alone though, catching the intrigue and sympathy of fellow employee Caleb Buchanan.
You see, lucky for Darcie, Caleb actually works as a P.I. on the side with his two good friends. These friends are the two heroes in the first two books of this series, Prime Suspectbeing the third and final book of Ms. Smith’s Falsely Accused trilogy.
I know I was reading a sweet romance, but Caleb Buchanan sounded hot. Seriously. Have a read for yourself:
A man was stooped on the ground, his broad back turned her way. She must have made a sound, for he turned. When he caught sight of her, he rose to his feet. For an instant Darcie fought an instinct to run. His muscular build, massive shoulders and intimidating height would give anyone pause, even without the colorful array of tattoos decorating his forearms. But the friendly smile that lit his face halted her.
See? It’s not my fault.
Darcie has a pretty unfortunate tale that had me rooting for her. I hate when characters get blamed for something they didn’t do. I wanted to scream at all her haters! (I’m looking at you, Detective Samuels.)
As far as the suspense goes, this story had a mystery element as well. It was a whodunit because Darcie needed to clear her name and Caleb was helping her with his “expertise”. Dude has the strangest connections…
So yeah, mystery was fun. I kinda narrowed it down between the actual antagonist and, uh, an old lady.
I don’t think this is much of a spoiler but old Mrs. Byler isn’t the killer. You know if you’re as crazy as I am with your guesses. What can I say though? I don’t have a future as a detective.
Suspense was really intense up until the end. I thought Caleb and/or Darcie were going to come out with more than scratches. And the ending was blissfully perfect, particularly for poor Darcie
One thing I didn’t like so much was Caleb’s character development with the romantic conflict. He’s hung up over a mystery girl—she has a name but that isn’t the point. I just didn’t think he had a good enough excuse. I get that this is supposed to show his reluctance in letting Darcie be more than a client, but I think Darcie was shouldering most of the conflict here for the both of them without the addition of mentioning Caleb’s sketchy history with some flighty girl.
Though I had a thought… Maybe this girl shows up briefly in one of the other two stories? Who knows?
But I might have to read Book 1, Dangerous Imposter and Book 2, Bullseyeof Falsely Accused.

My verdict:
(4.5 stars)

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