A-to-Z Challenge (2015 edition): Z is for Zathura


It’s here! The end of the A-to-Z Challenge!

We made it. So let’s get this final film review underway:

Zathura: A Space Adventure was my ‘Z’ movie. I was going to watch World War Z, but that would be cheating. It’s just that Zathura wasn’t at the top of my list of choices. It looked…well, boring…

But I was pleasantly wrong!

Before I knew that the same author who wrote Jumanji, I figured it had to have been pitched like the children’s classic. Same sort of premise–two kids, in this case two brothers, find a magical board game that launches them into another world. Same sort of dire need to go home motivating the children to complete the game, etc.

I liked the family dynamic aspect. These two brothers are suffering the repercussions of their parents’ mutual divorce, and they’re growing apart prior to the start of the game. Kristen Stewart is also in it, but she really plays a minor role. She pops up more toward the end, and that’s about it. Which was great because I think she sucks at acting. She doesn’t offer a range of emotion at all.

This is the gist of it in Twilight and in The Panic Room.

 Frozen Stewart aside, the movie has tons of heart-racing action (i.e. the Zorgons) and teary moments (e.g. astronaut guy talking about wishing his kid brother away), and just straight up weirdness that touches on unconscious incestuous thoughts.


Yeah, for once I agree with you there.

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