BOOK REVIEW (43): The Curves Collection Big Girls and Bad Boys


The Curves Collection

Long time since I’ve done a written review…

These three novellas were part of a collection I couldn’t overlook after I read the first story, The Curve Ball, for free.
The first book stars heroine Maggie Jones, a plus-sized bakery owner who catches the eye of Jake Rawlins, some construction hotshot. Jake stops by her shop every day to eat sweets and chat her up. He’s a flirt, but Maggie thinks its part of his nature and not necessarily that he could have feelings for her or anything crazy like that — because, duh!, she’s fat.
So self-esteem issues aside, Maggie is dragged into going to a blind date event by her friend. Turns out Jake pulled some strings and he’s her blind date! And Jake is determined to convince Maggie of his lust for her by the time their first night’s up.
I liked this story, despite Maggie’s insecurities. I get that we all have body issues. As I’m writing this I can’t totally picture ever believing some really hot guy liking me. I mean, it would take me a while to digest it like Maggie does.
I thought Jake was adorable. He wasn’t pushy and weird. I only wished the story was a novel because Jake doesn’t get a lot of development. It’s told in dual, third-person perspective, although Maggie is narrating the majority of the time.
My verdict:
(4 stars)
Story #2 in the collection, The Beast Loves Curves, is supposed to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I think it’s got a bit of the fairy tale flare, but it’s not blazing obvious.
For one the “Beast” is Ian Campbell, some billionaire extraordinaire a la Grey and he’s got this nickname that doesn’t really suit him. He readily admits to having once been a jackarse, but he’s pretty tame as heroine, Abbie Wright, notes.
Abbie is here to help Ian set up a website for a new charity foundation to help those who need financial assistance with costly medical bills and insufficient insurance. You see Ian’s been in an accident and he’s been humbled by another patient he met while in the hospital getting patched up. Thus the leaf turns over and calls in reinforcement, but he doesn’t bargain to fall in lust at first sight with the buxom computer whiz who arrives at his home office to kick of the charity.
Ian and Abbie were a push-and-pull couple. Again Abbie considers herself too “fat” and therefore ugly for the Adonis-like Ian. Pfffft! I wanted to grab her & shake her, and say, “Girrrrrrl, he likes you darn it!”
As for Ian himself, he’s kinda more like a kicked dog. He doesn’t even have bark, really, forget the Beast’s bite. But he seems to really care about Abbie, and he doesn’t lack a character arc like Jake Rawlins of Story #1 did. Ian suffers self-esteem and body issues like Abbie, so it was a pleasant change for a BBW tale.
My verdict:
(5 stars)

The third and final story, Curves By Design, stars heroine Molly Whitney and hero Devon Richards who have a pretty steamy history already.

Molly and Devon had this crazy make out fest at Devon’s parents’ anniversary party. There’s a bit of a mix-up that has Devon pushing Molly away after the hot, hot kisses because he thinks she’s with his younger brother. Molly doesn’t know his reasoning so she figures it has something to do with her “fatness”.

She’s probably the most weight-sensitive thus far of the three heroines in this collection. Her mother has made sure to drill it into her daughter’s head that happiness = BMI or something stupid like that.

So Molly can’t believe Devon actually likes her when the mix-up is out in the open. No, he has to slowly convince her off screen before we get so much as a bedroom scene.

That’s fine. Devon, btw, has no character arc which sucked because he sounded as cool as his restored Victorian home did!

My verdict:

(4 stars)

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