BOOK REVIEW (45):Promise of a Family

Promise of a Family
The cover of this book, Promise of a Family, made me believe it’d all be set on a farm… Entirely my own fault!
There are some scenes that take place in an English countryside – and I wouldn’t know the first thing about the “English countryside” – but that’s about it.
One thing I do know is that this book’s heroine won my award for weirdest names thus far, and I read The Selection by Kiera Cass. The story starts off with Leyne Rowberry, our heroine, in the midst of her babysitting task. She’s agreed to take legal guardianship of her niece while her older half-sister goes on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a world famous travel photographer.
So while big sister’s off, Leyne has to deal with her 12-year-old niece’s newfound interest in the father that never graced her young life. Leyne doesn’t know who fathered the preteen either. She decides to do some digging that leads her to believe that hero Jack Dangerfield is her wanted man.
I swear the times that Leyne kept saying this guy’s full name: “Jack Dangerfield” this and “Jack Dangerfield” that. Ugh! So annoying. How could the author Jessica Steele stand it after typing it so much? Yeesh.
But to keep it in the spirits of the work, I’ll try it.
Anyways, Jack Dangerfield isn’t having any of that! He’s determined to prove Leyne wrong, but before he does give her the DNA test she wants, he realizes he’s pretty attracted to little Miss Good Girl Leyne.
Actually I’m sorta making this part up. Promise of a Family is written mostly from Leyne’s POV. There are snippets of Jack’s thoughts and feelings peppered here and there, but yeah…
Overall I thought the story was all right. It was an okay read. I didn’t like all the Britishisms, but the story is set in the UK. I can’t really complain, but there it is. It bothered me. Only because it’s not the sort of speech I’m used to in North America. Cool?
Also I didn’t really like what I imagined was supposed to be a “twist”; that is learning the identity of Leyne’s niece’s father. (That was a mouthful!) I guessed it at the start, but I was hoping it wouldn’t prove me right. Oh vey! Let me just say it kinda spoiled the mood. Still… I do concede that it was “blended family” happy. By which I mean that there are more and more blended families out there in the world and it’s great to see it on page! I’m so-so here, but I recommend picking up Jessica Steele’s Promise of a Familyif I might have interested you even a bit.
My verdict:

(3 stars)

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