BAKING REVIEW (5): Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

So I had some cream cheese left from the Velvet Cupcakes last month–because Costco bundles plenty of everything–and I knew it would probably be best if I use that cream cheese for some good use.

Hence the chocolate cheesecake. (Oh, did I mention I’m a glutton for cheesecake?)

When I was hunting for a recipe, I tried to go for the simplest ingredients. I’m on a budget as of late and I don’t need, say, sour cream if I don’t plan to use the rest of it for anything else…

Here’s the recipe I stuck with in the end:

Looks delish right?
And here’s what mine looked like:


And from more of a side view…

So not picture-worthy, but definitely edible! I was worried so knowing it tastes good gave me such relief. You see the thing is I love cheesecake. It’s super heavy digestion-wise, and sometimes too sweet, but the chocolate here toned down the sugar goodness in a good way.
I followed the recipe, without making any changes, save for the Oreo crust. I used another recipe for that. The problem here being it was a recipe for an Oreo pie crust, not a cheesecake. So I didn’t use 24 Oreo cookies, I crushed 18 and I still think that was a bit too much Oreo as the bottom of the pan as flakes of extra Oreo crumbs now.
All in all I really am glad I tried making this. It’s a pleasant change to the regular cheesecake.
My verdict:
(5 stars)


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