BOOK REVIEW (48): Abby and the Playboy Prince

Abby and the Playboy Prince
Back to baby land with Raye Morgan’s Abby and the Playboy Prince. Though to be honest there isn’t a lot of page time for baby — and the cover basically suggests that Abby and her player prince are pretty much more than the stars in this fairy tale union.

Now where to start?

Let’s begin with the beginning, shall we? Once upon a dark and stormy night there was an abandoned castle and a girl who broke into said castle with her baby partner in crime, and a prince who has no clue that his castle is harboring a fugitive until she tumbles into his bed. Well, he did help her there…

Prince Mychale of the fictional lands of Montenevada just wants peace and quiet for the next few days. And Abby Donair’s being there puts his plans on hold, especially when her baby cries. Although he’s pretty intent on kicking her out, the good Prince changes his mind when Abby nurses him to health because he gets super sick at one point (dratted vertigo).

During the patient’s recovery Abby and Mychale fall head over heels in lust…and err, later love. But of course it’s not going to be as easy as that. For one, Abby is a wanted woman — in all the wrong ways — and Mychale is in the middle of negotiating a marriage with another woman.

What I loved about these two is the teasing banter. Clearly they both like each other and I couldn’t get over the fact they were stuck in this beautifully described castle. Maybe I should start sneaking into castles, too?

The baby, Brianna, was so adorable. I’d love to say she was a prop, but she was a baby. As I’m sure you can all imagine she didn’t have much lines. Still my heart was all pitter-patter whenever Mychale interacted with her. Something about alpha males and babies puts me in the best of moods. ^^

Awww. See what I mean?

The external conflict didn’t take away from the important internal romantic-blocking problems between Abby and Mychale. It was just enough intrigue that added a layer of problems that made me flip the pages quicker to the epilogue.

So if you want a fairy tale love, “father-daughter” moments, and a HEA — yeah, that wasn’t a spoiler, we’re talking romance here folks — pick up Raye Morgan’s Abby and the Playboy Prince and I guarantee you’ll want to go back and read Book 1 of this trilogy, titled The Royals of Montenevada and Book 3 staring the king of Montenevada himself, Prince Mychale’s eldest brother.

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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