BOOK REVIEW (49): Dark Chocolate Demise (Cupcake Bakery Mystery #7)

Dark Chocolate Demise
Finally I caught up to Jenn McKinlay’s Cupcake Bakery Mystery series. Book 7, and the latest release, Dark Chocolate Demise picks up a few weeks later (I believe) after the events of Book 6 (go read Review 47 for info on that story).

So Mel still has a rocky love life, and yet again murder finds her, only this time it hits closer home — as in no one she loves is a suspect, but rather the intended victim. You see the murder victim looks so much like one of her friends, Mel realizes that the next time this killer strike she could lose a lot more than several nights of sleep.

You know what I love about this series, and Mel in particular, is that cozies with their amateur sleuths can lose me if the MC doesn’t actually have a life outside the murder mystery itself. Thankfully Mel does have a life. She’s actually usually concerned with her bakery, and there’s steady pacing between the mystery and her business and personal life.

I seriously don’t know what else I could say without spoiling the novel.

Angie and Tate are still Angie and Tate.

Angie’s brothers remain grossly protective…and a little cute. Seriously. They really do care for their sister, it’s weird.

As far as Mel’s love life goes, I’m rooting for Detective Martinez but he’s kinda lost out I think. I mean, it was probably a no-brainier, but a girl can dream of her fantasy choice in this not-really love triangle.

And on a similar note everyone working at Fairy Tale Cupcakes have significant others. That was a little weird I had to admit, but I’m also a sucker for romantic conflict and HEAs (or HFNs, which this is more of).

I guessed the bad guy pretty early on, just because cozies usually introduce the culprit. Although really any well-written mystery will introduce the culprit at some point, and usually I find it’s either A) someone you least suspect, someone close to the MC or B) someone who made a super-brief appearance.

And because I’m really running out of non-spoilery things to say, I’m going to wrap this up but know that I loved the book! Now go read through Books 1-6 and then pick up Dark Chocolate Demise, you’re in for a treat.

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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