BOOK REVIEW (53) Colonial Madness

Colonial Madness
We’re time-travelling — err, wait! No, we’re not!

I hate to admit this, because it makes me sound like an awful person, but I do judge books by their cover. I mean, I’ll judge them by the cover and then pass them by, but sometimes I do stop long enough to read the blurb and an excerpt if that’s available and it might change my mind. But what can I say? I’m a sucker for cover quality.

Not that this takes away from this book. No, the cover of Jo Whittemore’s Colonial Madness is stunning! Seriously, I love most of the covers coming from publisher Aladdin Mix. They’re so colourfully attractive!

Colonial Madness follows Victoria “Tori” Porter as she joins a family competition with her mother. You see, Tori and her mom have only each other and they’re floundering money-wise as her mom isn’t very good balancing the finances with her seamstress business. When the opportunity to inherit family wealth comes to play, Tori jumps at the chance to convince her reluctant mother to join.

Of course they have to play and win the game to get the money and property prize, and that means Tori and her mom have to follow the rules: for 2 weeks, all contestants have to live a colonial life. For Tori and her cousins, Angel and Dylan, that means no cells, no social media, no fast food, no toilet paper, no makeup and pretty much everything associated with the 21st century. And naturally hilarity ensues…

Seriously I laughed almost every other page. Don’t believe me?

Check out some of these quotes I riffed:


Tori is sooo funny, and sometimes it was quite intentional. Her relationship with her mom warmed my heart — still warms my heart. At one point she thinks that the reason she never missed the father who died before she really knew him is because her mother happened to be really good at playing both purported roles of parenting. ^^ Awww.

There’s also a romance! Who doesn’t love love?

Tori meets and instantly falls — and literally as she crashes into him the first time — for Caleb, one of the staff members and judges of the colonial competition. Caleb seemed adorable. He really liked Tori and there was none of the wish-washy stuff I can’t stand sometimes. On the one hand I read to find out who won the competition, but I also interested to see how Caleb and Tori would work out their new-found young love. They’re both in their early teens presumably and they lived miles and states apart, AND both of their families are struggling money-wise, so I didn’t see them hopping a plane to try to continue the physical aspect I guess social media would come in handy.

Caleb also dislikes hummus!

Ah! A book bf after my own heart…

All in all, enjoyable book. It had all the things I wanted, humor, romance and a HFN, so if you’re interested in the same elements at the moment, check out Colonial Madness!

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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