BOOK REVIEW (57): A Fatal Slip (A SN Lingerie Mystery #3)

A Fatal Slip
Since I started up another cozy mystery binge this spring, I’ve gone back to another series I had forgotten about, Meg London’s A Sweet Nothings Lingerie Mystery series (or trilogy).
I forgot to pick Book Three: A Fatal Slip up since its release last year. I was afraid I might have fallen out of love with the cast (i.e. MC Emma, her aunt Arabella, boyfriend Brian, and co.); thankfully I didn’t, it felt like coming home to Paris, Tennessee. 🙂
So in this third (hopefully not final) book, Emma is caught up in a murder again – and once more she’s appointed herself an amateur sleuth because a loved one is under the flames of suspicion.
The plotting in this book through me for a loop as to who the killer might be until near the end when it became obvious, and oddly there was a lot of suspects who still weren’t in the clear – it sorta put a bad flavour to my mouth as the author delved a bit more into the subconscious of humans and it wasn’t as black-and-white as the first two books in this series.
I liked the romance between Arabella and her beau, and Emma and Brian! I’m a sucker for love…
Though TBH I didn’t shineto Brian in the first book. He slowly grew on me in the second, and now I was rooting for him and Emma, especially when Emma’s posh mother comes to town and she doesn’t exactly approve of Brian’s down-to-earth homely self.
Overall a great layered mystery – it’s never any fun when you can guess who’s the killer in the first few chapters; a wonderful ensemble of cast, pacing and conflict resolution.
I do have to warn readers though that this third book ends off with a bit of a teaser cliffhanger where Emma and Brian are concerned. (*ahem*ZOMGishegoingtopropose?!*cough, cough*)
If you’re not into cliffies so much, particularly where love is concerned, AND it doesn’t look like there’s a sign of a Book 4 in the Sweet Nothings  series, then keep this in mind.
Otherwise read the book for its main conflict, the mystery, because you’re sure to be pleased by it!
My verdict:

(5 stars)

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