BOOK REVIEW (63): The Werewolf’s Wife

The Werewolf’s Wife

I haven’t read a Harlequin Nocturne since early 2013.
I used to love to read the paranormal category line from the big romance publisher, but it sorta fell by the wayside when I started to pick up more short contemporaries instead (because there was a time where I thought I’d never write contemporary romance… I’d always wonder how conflict could be come about without supernatural shenanigans).
But I knew I’d come back to this category line, I just needed the right book to haul me back. AND I do believe I found it in The Werewolf’s Wife.
Written by author Michele Hauf, this story is part of the larger Beautiful Creatures world (see a full list of the books in their original publication/reading order HERE). And this book is a later one in the series however, other than references to other couples from the other books in the series and the world building I don’t think you have to read the series in order to — at the very least — read this one.
What I loved, loved, lovedabout this book was the way the author brought together the story seamlessly. I read it as a writer, and so the writer in me died a happy death and then revived herself at the end just in time for the well-deserved (if not slightly rom-com cheesy) HFN*.
So The Werewolf’s Wifemight have a pretty straight-forward title, the story is much more layered and worth the read. It follows the whirlwind relationship of werewolf Alpha Richard “Ridge” Addison and the wickedest witch of the Midwest, Abigail Rowan. Abigail and Ridge were married thirteen years ago in a quick Las Vegas wedding – a case of marriage at first sight, only the couple went separate ways come the first morning of wedded bliss following a tumultuous honeymoon night.
Fast forward 13 years later and the real story begins: Abigail’s son is kidnapped and being held hostage by a witch from her past and just as she’s headed out, Ridge comes knocking needing Abigail to finally sign the long overdue divorce papers freeing him to begin courting other woman and find a potential mate to round out his new duties as pack Alpha (or ‘principal’ as they call them in this series).
So I don’t really do the story justice here, but trust me when I say that the dialogue and the characterization and internal conflict come to life in the pages. You got to read the pages to know what I’m talking about!
You’ll notice a pattern with my reviews – I find I’m pretty speechless with the books I love. The Werewolf’s Wife left me speechless…
Only one thing turned me off, and it’s a teensy complaint compared to the rest of the story: I didn’t like how quickly the antagonist was disposed of. Especially when there was this big build-up of this antagonist having the same level of strength as Abigail, and being stronger – in some ways – than Ridge. It was a quick death/resolution and Abigail and Ridge wiped their hands clean, mind you there was a lot of fighting with other villains, but I just expected a little more… Mostly more of a struggle and some other twist that combined Ridge and Abigail’s powers. (e.g. Abigail could have distracted the antagonist while Ridge ripped the head off their united enemy).
Overall I do recommend picking up The Werewolf’s Wife whether you’re new to Harlequin’s Nocturne line or a veteran who skipped over this one the first time.
*I say HFN, only because the external conflict with the “blood sport” wasn’t resolved, and appropriately because it’s too large a problem for one story to conclude.
My verdict:


(4.5 stars)

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