And she takes a leap…

As of today, I, Marna Reed, have decided to start a journey to self-publish my debut novel.

Seeing we’re now past the halfway mark of the year (eek!), and with a lot of free time on my hands, I figured now was as good a time as ever.

Though I’ve been writing for upwards a decade, I only seriously considered publishing 5-6 years back, and it was just last month I started to research self-publishing in particular. Let me tell you though, one big thing I’ve learned is that this is going to be one tough commitment.

But to make things easier I went ahead and started this blog/website to document my goal to publish my debut novel by the end of this year. (Of course I don’t actually have solid pub dates; I am still in the process of writing the darn story!)

Stick around and see which way I’ll land with this, because as of now I’m taking the big LEAP into this new — sometimes intimidating — territory.

♥ Marna

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