BAKING REVIEW (7): Blueberry Cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting

Blueberry Cupcakes
w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

I WAS planning to go with French macarons for this month’s baking review, but I’ve been watching a lot of 2 Broke Girls and as a result have been craving cupcakes. Hence the choice to make blueberry cupcakes for this month’s baking review! 🙂

HERE’S where I got my simple recipe.

And this is what the original blueberry cupcakes looked like:

See the hint of blueberry behind the extra cupcake liner above.

And of course my cupcakes:

Clearly I need help frosting…
Although I actually have a reason for that.
Seeing as I thought the recipe yielded too much cupcakes for my small fridge to handle, I halved the original cupcake recipe. In doing so I had to also halve the cheesecake frosting. TL;DR I must have miscalculated my cream cheese-to-butter and confectioner’s sugar ratio.
BUT it tastes delicious. And my family concurs! 🙂 (So my taste buds aren’t insane. Yippee!)
That being said, next time around I would have used less blueberries as it was a bit too moist. I used fresh blueberries, but the recipe is open to frozen blueberries as well. It was also a bit too sweet…the frosting, the cupcake…just a bit too much for me.
Also although it was easy to put the cupcake batter together, I found it odious to mix the frosting. (Then again I’m particularly averse to the mess I have to clean up after frosting in gener.)
Not quite what I had to deal with… 
All in all, I would definitely try this recipe again. The mess and the dishes afterwards were worth tasting the result. Yum. *drool*
If you’ve caught the cupcake fever too, check out this simple and sweeeet recipe.
My verdict:
(4 stars)

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