Summer days drifting away…really fast! (Big Dreams Blog Update #22)

It’s another Update Day!
Thanks to Shah Wharton for the banner above!
Well, it’s Update Day if you’re part of the Do You Have a Goal? blog hop hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. All you need to join the hop is a big (perhaps crazy) goal, be brave enough to post it and share it with the interwebs and work (like crazy) to reach it. 
Don’t worry, you’ll have 16 others of us cheering you along the way. 🙂
This post will be shorter because I’m on a bit of time constraint…
So, quick things then on my big (crazy) goal of writing one million words worth of stories:
For starters, I joined CampNaNo this month.
I started off planning to write one story, but by Day 3 I dropped it completely.
Another idea hooked its talon into my imagination and I cheated and ran away with it instead.
Thankfully it lead me to meet some pretty amazing characters for the last few weeks, and I’m still in awe on how it’s already the end of the month. How did I reach the 31st and with 52K? Nuts!
As I’m not done my WIP I’ll be continuing with it like regular — I have a morning schedule going — into August 1st onwards.
And that’s my writing progress.
On my reading and reviewing front, I mentioned here that I’ve reached my goal of 53 books! ^^
But that I’m continuing to read whenever I can…because why not??
And as for the summer front…I’m walking a lot, getting fresh air and people watching. Not too many road trips though. A few, but not as much as I would have liked or planned at the start of this season.
Also it’s been hellaciously hot this month.
Much, much hotter than June.
And it’s only bearable outside once the sun has sorta cooled in the late evening.
Maybe I’m just too weak or something.
Or maybe I’m catching a lot of TV movies. (Anyone else got Summer Nights stuck on repeat in their heads?)
Anyways, how are you spending your summer?
Squeezing in vacation plans before September?
Let me know. I love to read a good story/comment.

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