BOOK REVIEW (71): The Nanny Who Saved Christmas

 The Nanny Who Saved Christmas
First, let me say, this cover nailed the nanny heroine, Nicola McGillroy and her 2 young charges, but that the model for the hero, Cade Hindmarsh, looks different than how I imagined.

That aside, I loved Michelle Douglas’ The Nanny Who Saved Christmas. Odd that I’m reading this book in August, but it worked out because the story is set in the Australian Outback…so no snow and lots of heat. 🙂

So here’s how the story goes: Nicola accepts a temp job as a nanny to Cade’s two young girls. Her reasoning is to escape her city life in Melbourne, but more specifically as Cade learns in time, Nicola is running from a year’s-worth of humiliation and heartbreak.

You see, Nicola’s best friend and her (now) ex-fiance run away together, derailing Nicola’s Christmas wedding forever. In order to forget how she might have been spending this coming festive season, Nicola decides to head out to the Outback for a three-week long stint as the Hindmarsh’s nanny.

Enter Cade.

He’s got his own reasons to be EXTRA festive this Christmas. He wants to make up last year’s holiday fail for his young daughters, and he’s roping Nicola into helping. But sniffing out her reluctance, Cade strikes a deal with her. She helps him make this the best Christmas to date, and he’ll help her va-va-voom her appearance to return to home to Melbourne and give her cheating best friend and former fiance a reason to feel sorry.

Of course they don’t plan to fall in love along the way.

Don’t you love how that works? 😉

What I liked was the interaction with Nicola and Cade’s children and his family.

The sensuality is hot, hot for a novel that doesn’t actually have a sex scene.
Cade and Nicola are one helluva feisty couple. Seriously. The sexual tension was wafting off of the pages of the book… (or maybe someone spilled sauce on the library loan).

Cade was awesome! I love a guy who likes his curves; and I love a guy who chases after what he wants…and no, I’m not being sexist. I would have loved Nicola only that much more if she were more willing to throw herself at Cade and explore their explosive chemistry, but she wasn’t. And that’s cool, too.

Either way, I’d definitely pick this one up.

It’s a winner for me!

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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