Two Years Later…


Happy blogiversary to me!

I can’t believe it’s the two-year mark.
Two years ago I took the plunge and dipped my toe into blogging. I say, dipped, because I didn’t post as much, and my goals for the blog were still scattered a bit.

And it all started with finding this blog hop.
The ‘Do You Have Goals?’ blog hop, also known as the Big Dreams blog hop hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred is a five-year journey that started in July 2013.
I found the hoppity-hop a month later, but I quickly took to the idea that other people were challenging themselves — and publically! — to strive to reach their big, crazy goals. And though we only update once a month on our progress, we cheer each other on whenever we can. 🙂
It’s a fun and encouraging atmosphere, and I’d definitely recommend you join if there’s any one goal you’ve been itching to accomplish. Clickety-click here (or that big image of the arrow to go to the sign-up page.)
My goal has been to reach one million words of completed novels, novellas, screenplays, etc. Initially, back in August 15th 2013, I wanted to reach that one million by Mother’s Day 2016. I have no clue why that date is so significant, other than my mom (and dad!) have been HUGE support of my dream to be an author (full-time or otherwise) someday.
Really in their eyes, I’m already an author. ^^
Anyways, one million by May 8th, 2016 became one million…well, by the end of the five-year journey for the blog hop hopefully. So by July 2018. We’re still a while away. And I’m almost at the 25% count.
However I’ve also learned in these past few months that simply adding to the ultimate word count of one million wasn’t getting me closer to having a polish manuscript I was willing to pitch to agents and/or editors. Or even self-publish.
I’ve now set the task of focusing on learning the craft of editing. Of being a better writer (i.e. grasping deep POV in my romances, and so fort) and of making my writing more of a career than a hobby. Especially since I want it to be a career.
As for my reading and reviewing, I’ve enjoyed it immensely, and I’m glad I tried it just to say I did it. BUT I’ll be discontinuing it in 2016. Or I won’t be doing reviewing as regularly — I WILL be reading still and continuing to set reading goals. More on that later in the year.
So, for the coming year of blogging I want to hopefully report on making progress with my editing and with being that much closer to author-dom. *cue heavenly pipes and chanting*
Now, I’m going to go enjoy some cupcakes.
Nothing says celebration like cupcakes.
Or any kind of cake actually…

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