BOOK REVIEW (73): Beauty and the Billionaire

Beauty and the Billionaire
THIS book was amaze-balls! It was all the balls.
Like all levels of crazy because I read it in a day.

That’s big for me. I don’t do books-a-day. Unless they’re short reads.
As a Harlequin Romance title, I would put Beauty and the Billionaire at ~50,000 words.
So that’s a lot, for me at least, and it’s all because heroine Sinclair Mahoney and hero Hunter Osland were on-fire with the banter and the sex.

Hunter is a rare breed of male hero in the romance world. (Or maybe I need to get out and read more books.) He makes his desire for his cousin-in-law Sinclair clear every opportunity he’s presented. And I mean EVERY opportunity.

He’s definitely not a one-night stand, or he knows he doesn’t want to be her one-night stand. But he isn’t leaping to a proposal either, so maybe I jumped the gun on his being a rare breed.

Sinclair is pretty expressive of her desire: she doesn’t shy from Hunter’s advances. Which leads to a lot of sexy times… To make things steamier, Hunter is Sinclair’s new boss. But they manage to rein in their flirting and keep it from becoming water cooler gossip.

Aside from the office romance bonus — squee! — this novel’s a Valentine special. And what does every good Valentine story deserve: a shopping fest! Jewelry, chocolate, flowers, etc. Yay, consumerism.

But author Barbara Dunlop weaves it together really well; Sinclair needs to start to look like the power business woman she is — in her chosen PR beauty industry, the outside impression is just as important as what goes on upstairs. So with Hunter’s happily-given assistance, she allows him to whisk her off for a shopping spree in Paris, plus a makeover for her eventual splash return to New York, in time for her company’s annual Valentine Day’s ball.

And she has a date…or so she thinks. Now Hunter and Sinclair have to decide whether they can be more than a V-day fling.

You’ll have to pick up Beauty and the Billionaire to see how that ends for these two fanta-bulous characters. Pick up the Kindle version here or any other preferred retailer!

Now I only wish I could give this 6 out of 5.
It’s that perfect.
My verdict:

(5 stars)

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