BAKING REVIEW (8): Carrot Cupcakes w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese icing

Carrot Cupcakes
w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese icing

Considering I’m a HUGE fan for all things cream cheese, I wanted to spice up the usual cream cheese frosting for my cupcakes. I hunted down a simple recipe for chocolate cream cheese icing.

Now I needed the cake for the frosting. It didn’t take long for me to choose carrot. By popular demand my family, the carrot cupcakes won out.

For the carrot cupcakes I used a variant of this recipe, substituting the pineapple* for shredded carrots. I was afraid of what the result might be but I didn’t need to worry — it was delicious!

And here’s the end product of the original recipe:

And my version:


Unfortunately I forgot to take any inside shots — I was too busy eating to remember. For once my frosting technique is prettier than the original recipe! Haha.
Seriously though, in the end I think the chocolate cream cheese frosting was the clincher for me.

The only thing I would have enjoyed was if the carrot cake wasn’t as bland in comparison to the flavor of the frosting. It feel a little flat for me, and it was definitely overwhelmed by the frosting which is too bad… I like my symmetry, and a great cake-to-frosting ratio.

*Side Note: I went back and decided to make the pineapple cupcake with a chocolate cream cheese frosting. OH lordy. Although my family enjoyed the pineapple variant as much as the carrot one, the pineapple bits were NOT to my taste. Unfortunately I took no pictures of the pineapple.

Just for that I’m tempted to bump up the rating from 4
 to a 4.5.

My verdict:

(4 hearts)

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