BOOK REVIEW (75): Shifting Hearts AND A Man Worth Fighting For (Wiccan Haus #1 and #2)

Shifting Hearts
If you couldn’t tell already, this is a two-in-one book review. I figured since I read the first two books of this paranormal romance series, I might as well combine the reviews together as I generally felt the same about both novellas.

Shifting Hearts is the first in the Wiccan Haus series. These books are written by both new and returning authors. What they all share in common is the setting on a fictional Maine island where the Wiccan Haus resort & spa is located. This spa/resort is a place of healing for both paras — short for paranormal creatures — and humans alike. Run by the four Rowan siblings and their head of security-slash-black tiger shifter, Rekkus Duteigr, the Wiccan Haus also happens to be a great place for romance and sexy times.

Joking aside, this first tale is about Rekkus and his lady love/mate, Dana Stone.

Now Rekkus is a 700-pound weretiger and Dana is a human — and like most of the human guests at the Wiccan Haus she has no clue that paras exist. Sucks for her because she’s super attracted to Rekkus, and he’s all over her too sensing that she’s his mate. The thing is Dana’s been hurt before. She comes from a fancy-shmancy background: we’re talking private schooling, money up the wazoo and all that stuff. Her parents are well off, but they’re really awful to her. When she (mutually) skips out on her wedding day, they threaten to cut her off. So you can imagine the poor girl has confidence and trust issues…

Rekkus, like Dana, has problems trusting easily and opening up to anyone. It doesn’t help that he’s the last of his black tiger streak*. Lonely in more than one sense of the word, Rekkus is parts-ecstatic, parts-perturbed to having found Dana. Especially when it seems that Fate is finding any chance She can get to bring them together. He doesn’t want to hurt Dana by introducing her to the para world, considering she’s fragile in her own world, he isn’t prepared to force her into his life as his mate. No, he’s going to wait for her to come around…and if she doesn’t, well then he’ll have to watch her leave at the end of her stay at the Haus and walk out of his life for good because he can’t just leave the island and leave his duties as the head of the island’s security.

Having set that all up, how could I not be rooting for these two to find a way to be together?

I loved the character arc and, though it was quick, the romance was sexy as all get out. Seriously. These two had chemistry through the roof. Props to the author! There wasn’t too strong an external threat.

Just a chance used by the author to show Dana how not the “dangers” a shifter not in control of his powers could cause. But you’ll have to read Shifting Hearts to see what I mean about that…

Pick it up here or any other ebook retailer.

My verdict:

(5 stars)

*a streak in Wiccan Haus terminology is to tiger shifters as pack is to wolves (and werewolves).

I forget to add that these book have been re-published by Decadent Publishing. There are currently 13 planned and 3 Wiccan Haus titles re-published as of 08/28/15…


A Man Worth Fighting For

We’re on the second book now. A Man Worth Fighting For by Sara Daniel.

This novella follows human heroine Holly Walters and military human hero Justin Lawson. You see the two are dating at the start of the novel, but Justin quickly changes that when he breaks up with Holly in a short — precisely eight-word — text.

Just like that the man of her dreams has picked up and walked out of her life with a vague message…but Holly isn’t about to let Justin just leave, not when she deserves a better reason to their sudden break-up. But the man is hard to hunt down: finally tracking him to the Wiccan Haus she reluctantly takes a break from her PR business and books a week-long stay at the island resort & spa.

Justin’s having it pretty rough as of late. Recently the leader of a special military team dealing with the control of para threat to the human world, and the proud boyfriend of a beautiful, kind-hearted woman, Justin has lost some motor control of his leg and aside from his limp, he’s also seen as unfit for the military. Which sucks because he was an orphan and since a young age — honestly I think it was like 18 — he’s called his military career home.

Now adrift professionally and personally, his reason for cutting ties with Holly is simple: he doesn’t want to weigh her down with his problems.

If I didn’t agree with Holly that this reasoning is stupid I would be all “awwww, what a sweetheart!” -hugs-

But I do agree with Holly. And it takes time for Justin to see the error of his way, too. A lot of time in the hot springs area of the island. -wink, wink-

There was an external threat in this one unlike Book 1. Justin has been followed to the island by the same rat-bastard who tried to kill him and shattered his knee bone instead. And now Holly’s in the line of fire, too. It’ll take a team effort and a heck load of trust to make sure they both come out of this alive…and their love, well, if that’s to remain in tact it would require pretty much the same attention.

But you’ll have to pick up A Man Worth Fighting For to find out if they manage to find their HEA, and you can do that here or here at the publisher’s official website.

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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