BOOK REVIEW (76): An Apple Away (Wiccan Haus #3)

An Apple Away
I’ve never read an M/F/F (or F/F/M or F/M/F), but it was certainly a pleasant experience: in the end it turns out it doesn’t matter who’s in the relationship, as long as the romance and characters are believable and I don’t want to throw my phone across the room.

So author Kate Richards’ An Apple Away tells the story. I believe the author was inspired by the Snow White fairy tale — minus the seven dwarves — but I could be wrong. The heroine, Aislinn, at one point is described as Snow White, and the main antagonist as the evil Stepmother in that tale.

I won’t say anymore of that.

Now Aislinn is ill. For the past year she’s been battling a sickness doctors have failed to diagnosis and therefore to cure. And at this rate it looks like she’s going to die. Yet she makes a last effort to save herself and books a trip to Wiccan Haus: it’s there she hopes she can find some cure…or die in peace on the beautiful island resort.

Dr. Hugo Perarlta is a workaholic. He spends all his free time at the hospital, and when he’s not working long hours as a brain surgeon, he’s studying medical journals and writing papers to expand the field. It’s about time then that his boss steps in and sends him packing on a much-needed vacation. And whether he likes it or not — and he doesn’t! — Hugo finds himself stuck on a Maine island far from his home and hospital work in Argentina.

Neither expect to find romance, but an island fling seems to be what the Fates have in store for them…

And island fling and lion-shifter Punda who finds herself drawn to both Aislinn and Hugo; Punda works as a masseuse for the island guests, so she knows it would be in professional interest for her to fight her attraction for Aislinn and Hugo, especially since they have a palpable chemistry between them.

But with Aislinn getting sicker, and Hugo feeling lost with his medical experience to help, Punda realizes she’ll need to be a pillar of support for introducing the two humans to a world of paranormal workings.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one.

Punda and Aislinn were a sexy twosome, and Hugo — poor, well-meaning Hugo — finally finds another pleasure in the world aside from his passion for his career choice. The actual “showdown” with the antagonist wasn’t very long… Since all three got a POV, the build-up of the novel focused on the should-I?, shouldn’t I? pull-and-push with the threesome.
And the ending felt a tad bit rushed, but it did tie everything up nicely.

There’s two sex scenes, and they’re pretty steamy.

If you’re into that kinda thing, consider picking up An Apple Away, the third in the Wiccan Haus series (<– a series that CAN be read out-of-order).

My verdict:

(4 stars)

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