BAKING REVIEW (9): Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies
Okay, I’ve been craving chocolate chip something for a while!
Chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cupcakes whatever.
But for the sake of ease, I decided to stick with a batch of good ole chocolate chip cookies…with a slight twist. Because these reviews ARE supposed to get me to bake new recipes, I decided to double the chocolate and double the taste-bud fun.
So here’s my original recipe source for the Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies (or as I call them, chocolate chip fudge cookies) — click the image below to check out the website:
And here’s my attempt:
And because one angle isn’t enough.


So the recipe I used required coffee.
I started baking before I realized I had no coffee to add to the mixture. So I went rogue and skipped the coffee.
SO my version is sans-caffeine of that variety, cool?
It tasted good, but I can’t compare the two recipes.
IF you do choose to leave out the coffee, I can vouch that it’s delicious, so no worries there.
I’m a glutton for chocolate so I had NO complaints with this tweaked-version of the recipe.
And that’s why I’m going to keep this short…
My verdict:

(5 hearts)

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