BOOK REVIEW (78): Siren’s Serenade (Wiccan Haus #4)

Siren’s Serenade
Already Book Four.
The wait time between these books aren’t too bad now that I’m focused on school. It’s almost like a treat at the end of a 2-week period (she says, currently in the middle of Wiccan Haus Book Five).
Now if you couldn’t tell by the title of this (sorta) recent addition to the Wiccan Haus world, Siren’s Serenade stars…sirens. Or mermaids.
The term is interchangeable in the series.
Essentially sirens-slash-mermaids are kinda like shifter-keepers of the sea and land. So the siren/mermaid heroine, Serena, has the ability to transform her lower half for both environments. Super cool. But rather than embrace that part of herself, she’s pretty reluctant to reveal herself to anyone.
Especially to Kaleb, her other half, her soul’s mate.
Cue the sob speech where the hero tells the heroine he’ll love her no matter what…
Yeah, no.
You see our hero, Coast Guard Kaleb Theldon has a big, understandable bone to pick with mermaids: his friend succumbed to a mermaid and he’s the only witness to the bizarre death (this is all in the first few pages of the story, so no huge spoilers really). Now everyone — including his boss(es) — think he’s jumped the deep end and they put him on suspension, his career to be reviewed once his mental health bill has been approved by the good staff at Wiccan Haus.
Kaleb is moody and suspicious at first. How are the Rowan siblings and Rekkus, their head of security, supposed to know anything about healing?
It all seems like witchcraft to him.
But then he meets Serena, and though he can’t put his finger on it, something about her just makes him light up from the inside. Give him a new purpose now that his beloved job is looking like it’s through.
Serena tries to push him away, Kaleb keeps pushing back…yadda yadda yadda, you get it. There’s a lot of steamy tension here, and you want to read it.
Here’s the deets:
PICK UP THIS BOOK if you like 1) delicious sexual chemistry, 2) well-paced plot and strong internal AND EXTERNAL conflicts, 3) strong character arcs, and 4) HEAs!

And if that hasn’t convinced you, take a look at this (double!) sneak peek of the Cyrus-variety joys you’re missing:

Rekkus started to strip naked, leaving Kaleb gaping. “What’s he going to do, fuck them off the island?”

Cyrus looked confused, pointing to his ear and shaking his head. “What did you say? What did he say?”


“And Rekkus won’t truly enter the healing sleep if he’s worried about you,” Cemil added, nudging Cyrus forward.

Once [Cyrus] entered the circle, Sarka placed the last rock and began chanting.

“What if I have to pee, damn it?”

Still chanting, Sarka tossed him a cup.

“Are you kidding me?” Cyrus, who had never lost his cool in the time Kaleb had been on the island, took two steps forward, hit the ring barrier, and fell on his ass. “So help me, Sarka, when you let me out of here….”


Oh, Cyrus. I love you.
My verdict:

(5 stars)

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