BOOK REVIEW (79): Psychic Lies (Wiccan Haus #5)

Psychic Lies
Five books already and with each in this series I seem to be digging myself a deeper fan-girl hole.
Book 5: Psychic Lies by author Sara Daniel — who also wrote Book 2, A Man Worth Fighting For — features a ‘para’ couple. Psychics Fiona Vetter and Armando Verdad spend close quarters together as 
I’m totally exaggerating, but Armando is sorta hunting Fiona as a potential suspect for a homicide case. And it just so happens he’s extremely invested in this case more so than usual because his job is on the line.
Fiona, on the other hand, knows of her innocence. But in order to set herself free she’ll need to part with another bigger secret; a secret she’s been keeping to herself for years. And Armando’s pretty insistent, so it’s looking like that secret is only counting the minutes…
What I loved about Fiona was her attitude — she knew when to tell Armando (and Cyrus and Rekkus) off when they angered her. She also knew when she wanted Armando, and she went after it. She’s pretty strong, but she also showed weakness. A very relatable, “human” weakness”: don’t we all feel unsure of ourselves in varying degrees sometimes?
Bonus points for the really cool psychic power! You’ll have to pick up Psychic Lies to see what I’m talking about though.
And Armando was adorable!
If you read — and you should read — Wiccan Haus #1-4, you’ll see just how different Armando is. He brings a lot of life to this latest installment of the series. Unlike Justin in Book 2, Hugo in Book 3, and Kaleb in Book 4, Armando is stuck on his honor code and he’s super sweet. He doesn’t hold too much of a chip on his shoulder, not even at the threat of losing career, which really is more a livelihood as his job details are entwined with his psychic ability. He lives and breathes his line of work, so his biggest romantic fault is learning how to separate his personal life from his professional one.
That’s where Fiona comes in to help him out.
Bam-chicka-wow-wow. If you catch my drift. *wink, wink*
The one thing I would have liked to see was some external conflict.
Psychic Lies does wrap up its conflict with a neat bow, but I just wanted more action (à la Book 4) outside the romantic problem.
*Armando’s last name, ‘Verdad’ means ‘truth’ in Spanish. Haha, the few times I get to thank my high school Spanish courses. 🙂
My verdict:

(4.5 stars)

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