BAKING REVIEW (10): Hallowe’en-themed Sugar Cookies

Hallowe’en-themed Sugar Cookies

Not quite All Hallow’s Day, but I’m in a festive mood and I baked early for the season.

And she recommends you plan the shape and coloring/design style of your cookies on a sheet, which — now that I haven’t taken that advice — would recommend too. This time around I had a helper. My sister volunteered and it helped make this soooo much easier.

This is where I got the original recipe for the sugar cookies (again click the image itself to reach the Allrecipes site for the full ingredient list):

So this easier batch of sugar cookies came out looking like this for me:

And out of the pan and…onto a plate:


Not as pretty as the original batch, but these taste AMAH-ZING!
And they were SO much fun to design with my sister. Especially since it was the first time for both of us to make sugar cookies, I was super stoked about making a memory with her.
Isn’t that what baking is about?

In the end the cookies were great. Only I wish they were a bit less dry, or more moist. I know they’re sugar cookies and they aren’t exactly supposed to be moist. But maybe I’m used to the warm, melted chocolate chips. Anyways, I plan to dig into these sweet (sorta scary) treats in front of my marathon catch-up to ‘Scream Queens’.

BTW, does anyone else get the munchies for sugary treats when watching horror flicks/tv? Or is it just me?

My verdict:

(4 hearts)

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