BOOK REVIEW (81): A Gay Couple’s Journey Through Surrogacy

A Gay Couple’s Journey Through Surrogacy
I’ve been sitting on this review for a loooong time.
I finished this book around the beginning of September, and my webcam died so I couldn’t post, and then I forgot about it. My blog reviews have been lagging behind my reading.
Since I’m too lazy (and too broke) to replace that webcam, I decided to bring this to you the regular way via an “old-fashioned” blog.
A Gay Couple’s Journey through Surrogacy is pretty straightforward nonfiction autobiographical account from author Michael Menichiello’s journey to fatherhood with his husband.
Written in telling, honest dialogue that doesn’t make the author always shine, I loved this autobiography! I enjoyed the up-down process: fatherhood, especially via surrogacy, is a long-drawn, nerve-wracking process. Menichiello documents the rollercoaster ride from the inception of the notion of surrogacy, to finding a surrogate, and getting from Month 1 to Baby Birthday.
Heads up (if you couldn’t already tell that is): this review is going to be short.
I picked up this title for research, and specifically to get an idea of the process of surrogacy for gay parents. It touches a bit on the pros and cons of different routes in the surrogacy journey (e.g. to go with an agency or to go solo), as well as Menichiello details the surrogacy laws — during 2002-2006 — in the state of New York, Arizona, California (and a few other states). All very interesting!
So what I didn’t like…
Well I wish that the font had been clearer. It was too in-your-face. It hurt my eyes at times.
I would have also enjoyed if the surrogate mother — who gave her consent to be mentioned in this text — would have gotten some page time, giving her perspective of the process. Also Menichiello’s husband, David could have also had some space where he shared his thoughts rather than the author being a filler for his spouse. In this case there were three sides to the story. BUT I suppose I can hunt down other titles from the surrogate mother’s position.
TBH it’s hard to rate this title because it details a personal account. If you’re at all interested in reading about gay parenting and surrogacy then I’d suggest you pick up A Gay Couple’s Journey through Surrogacy. Although it’s only one couple’s journey (dated back in 2002-3), it certainly was the first time I delved into this life perspective.
My verdict:
(4 stars)

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