BOOK REVIEW (84): Sweet Gone South (Love Gone South #1)

Sweet Gone South

After reading some sexier titles, I decided to move back to some sweeter reads this month. The first novella in this 5-book novella features the intrepid chocolatier Lanie Heaven and smooth-talking, sometimes over-demanded circuit Judge Luke Avery.

Written by two authors under the pen name, Alicia Hunter Pace, the series is set in a small, fictive town, Merritt, AL where the lives of the heroes/heroines of each story intertwine through friendships and kinships.

In this first title, hero Luke finds himself under heroine Lanie’s magical spell the way his three-year-old daughter, Emma, is around the older, motherly woman. He doesn’t know how Lanie — a complete stranger at the start of the book — manages his daughter when it’s so difficult handling the fussy toddler on his lonesome.

Any book involving a single mother or father wrenches my heart; I love to see how the other half of the couple interact with their love interest’s child/children. Also it acts as great external and internal conflict!

But Luke comes with his own problem package: for one he’s a widow with a chip on his shoulder. He can’t imagine dating, let alone re-marrying. His wife’s memory hangs over his romantic judgments and that’s a big no-no for Lanie.

The way Lanie sees it is that she deals with enough already. She has a lot of self-esteem problems, some justified, some not so. There’s a lot of walls Luke has to knock down before finding the real Lanie.

I can’t say much more!

Other than I loved Lanie and Luke’s story. Although I would say it leans more towards sweet romance, the sexual tension is hot, hot! And there is a sex scene! It’s pretty romantic for you luva-luvas out there. 😉 Oh, and make sure you got your chocolate fix handy! Lots of good treats mentioned in this book… -drool-

BTW, props to the author(s) for the beginning of this book. A terrifically hilarious opening! Just one more reason to pick up Sweet Gone South. Make sure to pick up the box set of all 5 novellas — much cheaper than getting those books separately.

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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