BOOK REVIEW (85): Lauren’s Beach Crush (Crush #1)

Lauren’s Beach Crush
Beach season is out here in the Northern hemisphere, but like most readers my imagination is big enough to compensate for the chilly temperature. Ultimately I picked up this book because I wanted to read a MG romance. I’ve been sorely ignoring this genre and age group, just because my TBR pile is never-ending. Also because I love young love. ❤

This title, Lauren’s Beach Crush is the first book in the Crush series by author (and editor, pretty cool) Angela Darling. And the title makes it pretty straight forward: the story follows the 12-y/o protagonist Lauren who is off to the beach during her summer vacay, and she’s got plans to change her ‘beach crush’ to ‘boyfriend’.

Lauren is a planner — huge, huge planner and I found it adorable when her perfectly-laid plans would blow up in her face. But she could be a bit too much: thankfully we have her friend, Chrissy, balancing her neurotic, over-planner self out. Laid back Chrissy offered those nuggets of wisdom that flew over Lauren’s head, particularly where Charlie, her crush, was concerned.

The book has great pacing. It builds up this momentum, and even though I could see some plot points clearly, some made me doubt what the ending would be and that kept me turning the pages of this ~170-page first installment.

Lauren’s character is flawed, and it’s beautiful. There were some exaggerated moments, but she’s 12 — I was 12 and I thought the universe was hinged on current fashion, school crushes and all that stuff that doesn’t mean anything to me now.

Pfft. Kids.
And because I don’t have anything else to say, other than GO PICK UP THIS BOOK, I’m going to sign off with this review.

My verdict:

(5 stars)

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