Not-So-Official NaNo Update #3: What’s in a name? What’s in a title?



This is going to be a short update, but then again my blogs are usually short (and sometimes coherent, if I’m lucky).  Hopefully a more light-hearted topic this go around.

*rubs hands together*
I could go on for hours about name origins, my favourite names as of now, nicknames, spelling variants, sounds and rhymes of/with names, guilty pleasure names, etc.


So since I’m, sorta, in the middle of writing 2-3 WIPs…actually more like jumping around until one story sticks, I’ve chosen a lot of names this month (for 3 couples to be exact). Usually I’m “whatever” with any other characters BUT my MCs — they get the choicest fruit when it comes to names.

I don’t know about any of you: I can’t continue if my main characters’ names don’t fit. Right now I write solely in the romance genre, and so that would be my couple’s names. And they usually have to go together, not in the “Brangelina” style, but I’m careful with things like:

1) choosing the same first letter for my H/h (i.e. Ashley and Aidan…okay, that’s not too bad, maybe Ashley and Asher — that’s silly).
2) same ending syllable (e.g. Cole and Nicole are WAY too close)
3) and that goes for surnames too (SOMETHING Price and SOMETHING Preston)!

Just some of the reasons I can think of when I make my naming choices.
I mostly write for contemporary, but I do have some fantasy stories/ideas laying around and roaming about my mind. For those types of stories, I might make up names, find certain patterns with names and use that as a jumping point and create meanings, or what I’m gonna call right now “character emblems”, from a combination of parts of a name (not quite morphemes, but the equivalent to lexical suffixes and prefixes to generate that perfect name).

What are some of the resources I use?
naming sites, e.g. nameberry, behind the name, babycenter, babble, etc.
books (lots and lots of books — don’t bother buying books unless you’re REALLY obsessed with names and can’t live without adding to your growing collection…or, um, expecting??? borrow them from the library)
-want to go visual, check out some vloggers who are name crazy too (I personally like AnastasiaRuby, also fellow Canadian!)

For my current WIP — well current as of this afternoon — my hero’s pseudonym is Orazio Black (he’s not human so the concept of names doesn’t exist AND ), and my heroine is Autumn Hayes. I personally love the names. Autumn & Orazio, Orazio & Autumn.

-le sigh-
So I’m done swooning. Gonna get back to thinking/dreaming up what scenes I’ll be writing tomorrow. Cool?
As for story titles, I keep them tentative. They will remain tentative unless they’re picked up by a publisher and that publisher wants to change it or modify it or whatever. Some of my titles are really tentative, as in I don’t care for them but it beats the dreaded UNTITLED document. I can’t stand leaving stories without a title.
And some titles I’m all for. I’m in love with them AND if they were ever to get picked up, I would want them as is…but we’ll see how that works out.
Okay. I’m done. Signing off with this update blog post.
BTW people who are doing NaNo: YOU ARE AT THE HALFWAY MARK.
Do not give up. This is the point where you’ll feel prone to give up. Keep writing no matter the word count. Let’s do this!

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