BOOK REVIEW (90): Lindsay’s Surprise Crush

Lindsay’s Surprise Crush
Another Crush title!
I can’t get enough of this series… I’ve got a crush on Crush, teehee.

*ahem* Back to the review. Book #3 in this series by Angela Darling stars heroine Lindsay and her best friend, Nick. Lindsay is just starting 7th grade, and she’s looking forward to junior high — as most of us were I’m sure (i mean lockers!?! Whaaaat.) She’s also stoked to see Nick after not spending a rare summer attached at the hip. Now if only she could stop looking at that really hot guy in her homeroo– oh wait! That’s Nick.

Since she hasn’t changed at all over the summer, you know not counting being free of braces, Lindsay hardly expects for Nick to have grown several inches and filled out with muscle. And instead of feeling like she’s catching up with an old friend, she’s suddenly way too focused on her new crush.

I definitely have a soft spot for the friends-to-lovers trope. And I felt so bad for Lindsay. This was (is?) my favourite book: the only one to really keep me on the edge of my seat until everything tied up together in the last page.

Every time Lindsay and Nick were on the page, *swoon*… Give me a second.

Also, since we’re dealing with school, there was plenty cliched conflicts, archetypes?, but a lot of tropes were turned over on their head: the nerdy band kid, the popular sporty girl, the misunderstanding with the bff, etc.

I only wish there was a part two of Lindsay and Nick, who I will now dub Team Nicsay: yes, yes they do deserve a couple name.

Now what are you waiting for? Go pick up Lindsay’s Surprise Crush and be prepared to do a lot of this

My verdict:


(5 stars)

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