Not-So-Official NaNo Update #4 & #5: The end is just the beginning.

I wasn’t planning to post this as it is obviously late, and I’m combining two weeks into one post. And it’s gonna be a short post because it’s only making it glaringly obvious how little I did this month where writing is concerned. -sigh-

I’m trying to keep my chin up though. I know I’ll be freer in three weeks and I can play catch-up and try to finish the novella I started this month by the end of the year (hopefully).

What else can I say, but now as NaNoWriMo draws to an end that I’d like to congratulate all winners (present and future), as well as those who took the plunge, created and shared their novel goal on the official site and tried to write the 50K — that’s important, the trying.

Now whether you’re writing for fun or hoping to one day write full time, you deserve this banner for your efforts — 50K win or not:

The next step is for you to finish what you started if 50K didn’t = THE END.
I’m serious. Go back and keep writing. Even if it takes 100 words/day (or 10-20 minutes/day) for another whole year to finish. Slow and steady still wins the race, remember?
Even if you plan to never write again.
It’s one thing to hit 50K in a month, it’s a whole other thing to finish a novel. An actual novel, folks. That takes a lot. (And it seems to never get easier.) I’m sure you heard it before ‘but the end is just the beginning’, and at the risk of repeating myself over and over, though you might not be planning to write another word in this lifetime at least I think you can agree with this at least: a lot of people want to finish a novel — it’s one of those “goals” like “eating healthy this year” or “exercising more”, and a lot of people fail at it. Don’t be one of those people if you’ve already made it this far. Don’t make this the beginning of a failed goal. Just finish the darn novel.
Good luck with the writing and any other future goals, and thanks for sticking around (if you did).

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