Pre-winter blues. (Big Dreams Blog Update #26)

Quick update — as I almost forgot to do this today…

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This month has been stressful.
Really stressful.
It’s not that my plate is any fuller than it was the month before necessarily; I mean school is coming to a close, so with Finals looming closer and assignments, etc. I’ve just been worrying about everything and not really giving myself time to breathe.

As far as my writing goals for November went I didn’t get far. I wasn’t planning to do NaNo, but the idea was to write 500/day. I did write for about the first week and a half to 2 weeks, but the rest of the month was fruitless. I don’t like saying this because it doesn’t put me in a “good light”, but I just wasn’t in the mood to write. Mentally, I was worn out. I had a lot of days where I didn’t want to get out of bed and start the day. I’m calling it the “pre-winter blues” or maybe it’s an early bout of seasonal affective disorder. I know they say Blue Monday is in the 3rd Monday of January, but is there such thing as a Blue Month to describe the anxiety I’ve felt in November?

Reading was okay, too, for the first half of the month but that flopped as well. I’m in the middle of my 95th read for the year, so that’s something to celebrate, but I still have a few reviews to catch up on.

For December I’d like to try to finish this novella that I started. I want to see the rough draft through by the New Years’ Eve. And, though I haven’t talked reading goal for a while since I completed it back in July, I’d like to try to read and review book 100. I know I can do it, especially as I’m free for winter break by Dec 18th.

It’s getting colder over here. I hate winter.
I feel so sluggish and I wish we could hibernate, stay indoors for the four months and read and sleep the frost and snow away. *sigh*
We saw the first dusting of snow a few days ago, but it’s just been rain and chilly gusts since then. I’m hoping it stays away for a couple more weeks.

How’s the weather been for everyone else?
Is it getting icky where you’re at, too? Or are you in summer bliss?

And before I forget anything else: Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to any Americans. The holiday spirit doesn’t quite much the mood I set up here in this post, nevertheless there it is.

2 thoughts on “Pre-winter blues. (Big Dreams Blog Update #26)

  1. I find the winter tough too. Got one of those SAD lights, and it really helps. Got a suggestion for you, instead of a wordcount target for the day, why not have a timed-writing target. 20 minutes if you feel you can manage it. 10 minutes if you can't.
    Anyway, hope December is less stressful and you feel brighter.


  2. Taking breaks is so important, and sometimes we have to prioritise real life over writing. I had a similar month; once real life responsibilities took over I found myself giving up just shy of a pathetic 5k words. Ah well, my family has to come first. Good luck for December, let's hope it works better for both of us!

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