BAKING REVIEW (11): Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles

Hello! I can’t believe I’m at baking review #11 already. I had a lot of fun in the kitchen, baking these treats and then eating them for the reviews. ^^

But as the year went on I started to get stuck on what I wanted to do, and since I’m limiting my resources to what I have in the kitchen, it’s been pretty hard. Finally I settled on something simple enough to do without caving and making a trip to the grocers to buy ingredients.

My November treat was a type of cookie I’d never heard before, chocolate crinkles.
Have you tried it before? Yes? No? Let me know either way.

Now I used a recipe like this one (only with less eggs) for the chocolate crinkles. I don’t recall the actual link for the cookies, but they were very similar.

Now here’s an example of what the finished product looks like from this blog, Simply Recipes:

Very pretty. You can see why they call it chocolate crinkles.

And here’s what mine looked like:


Doesn’t look as great (I scrimped on the icing sugar), but apparently it tasted really good (according to my family). I had a contrary opinion. I should preface my review by explaining that I actually find brownies too rich for my taste, although I have no problem with double fudge chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate crinkles felt too dry. I had them with milk and it helped, but I would have appreciated them more if they were moist.

It was really a brownie-cookie rolled in confectioner’s sugar.
Personally I’m not raring to try the recipe again, but I figure I might try to redeem myself with these cookies some day.

In the mean time, it was so-so and my 2.5 rating reflects that.
If you ARE a brownie person (like my siblings and parents) try the crinkles for yourself. It just might suit your tastes and give you a new recipe to add to your favs inventory.

My verdict:


(2.5 hearts)

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