BOOK REVIEW (94): Alice in Rapture, Sort of (Alice #2)

Alice in Rapture, Sort of
This is the newer cover — again, very pretty illustration here of Alice and sorta boyfriend, Patrick.
But here’s the original 1989 version, and that’s the one I borrowed from the library:

WARNING: this will be a short review. Although most of my reviews are short, this one will be definitely short short.

Once again Alice didn’t fail to make me laugh.
Alice and I get along now, especially after the dreck (and horror) that was the beginning of the first book in this series by author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

So this 2nd book picks up where the first book left off with Alice graduating sixth grade and moving on from elementary to junior high/middle school. It’s the summer before her seventh grade year and Alice has a boyfriend officially! And so do her two best friends, Pamela and Elizabeth. The group of six do everything together: until something happens to drive a wrench between them and get these tweens thinking about what it means to be “grown up”.

Alice wants to be with Patrick, but not at the cost of her friends — it’s really a vicious cycle of thought. I think what I really liked about this book is that Alice has matured in a lot of ways. She isn’t quick to judge people and there’s more depth to her decision making. She actually sounds WAY wiser than I did at 12. That’s why the title to this book was so awesome!

The ending is really great, too. You’ll understand if you decide to pick this next book up and read for yourself which is way I gave it…

My verdict:


(5 stars)

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