BOOK REVIEW (95): Ghost Town (Saranormal #1)

Ghost Town
Back with another review: this time I didn’t stray too long after completing this one. Though I did read it super slow, I blame school (*ahem*andmybadtimemanagementskills*cough,hack*).

This is the first in the MG series Saranormal by Phoebe Rivers. This series stars heroine/MC Sara Collins and her ghost-seeing, medium-like abilities. Ever since Sara was four she’s been able to see ghosts — 12 now she’s trying her best to keep her secret just that a secret. But it’s getting hard with all the dearly departed hanging around her new home, Stellamar, a fictional seaside town in New Jersey.

She’s making friends and that’s keeping her over-protective dad happy. Still at this rate with a ghostly old man warning her about danger on the pier where all her friends hang out, Sara isn’t sure how much longer she can pretend to be normal without packing up and leaving Stellamar for good.

What I loved about Book One Ghost Town was Sara’s sarcasm and that she isn’t 100% confident in herself; that made her seem normal, and she isn’t exactly rushing out to save the world. She’s also not a pity case: sure she’s got powers, sure she doesn’t have a lot of friends, but she’s still a normal pre-teen (plus her extra special power).

I liked the pacing, too. I didn’t expect anything super deep. Don’t go in having watched too many episodes of College Medium and Long Island Medium and any other whacko reality show of that variety. It might go that way, sure, in the next 10ish books of the series, but Book one is clear of that nonsense.

Saranormal #1: Ghost Town was a quick, fun read. I recommend picking it up if ghosts and drama and MG is for you.

My verdict:


(5 stars)

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