BOOK REVIEW (97): The Baby Project

The Baby Project
It wasn’t until I picked this title up from the library on a whim (while picking up other loans) that I realized I hadn’t read a Harlequin in months. I’ve been on a dry spell and I needed to end it. And what a way to end it!

Susan Meier’s The Baby Project, the 1st title in the Babies in the Boardroom trilogy. Each title features one of the three Andreas brothers. These trio of billionaires are powerful, intelligent, sexy…and damaged.

In The Baby Project hero Darius Andreas, the eldest Andreas brother, is in heroine Whitney Ross’ family legal offices to hear his late father’s will. When he walks out of the office, he’s learned two things: 1) his father lived up to his womanizing ways until the end, 2) Darius is a father to his baby half-brother, Gino Andreas, and 3) Darius has to share his new parental/custodial duties with Whitney, the best friend of Gino’s late mother.

6-month Gino is alone in the world, and Darius and Whitney have to learn to push aside their animal attraction to focus on raising the little boy in their care.

I liked this story because Darius didn’t shy away from pursing Whitney, and Whitney didn’t wilt like a flower (at least she didn’t once she shared her sad past with Darius). Their chemistry leaps off the page, it kept me turning page after page considering it starts off a tad slowly (and maybe a bit melodramatically).

I think it also helped that I loved Darius’ banter with his two brothers, Cade and Nick. These three were hiliarious. I only wish I was surrounded by these three. Seriously. I was jelly of Whitney.

I had nothing bad to say about this one. Even the build-up to the black moment wasn’t cheesy. It set up the cheesiness then — BAM! genius plotting saved the day and I closed the book grinning after a super-cute epilogue.

Now to hunt down Books 2 & 3.

My verdict:


(5 stars)

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