BOOK REVIEW (99): Haunted Memories (Saranormal #2)


Haunted Memories

Since I sort of left the first Saranormal book with high hopes for the series, I decided to grab book 2 and join Sara and see what new ghostly adventures she’s unearthed. Book 2, Haunted Memories, follows 12-year-old medium Sara Collins to junior high in her new port-side town, Stellamar.

Sara is not too excited to be at school because 1) she’s not really social and as the new girl, she’s on display, and 2) there are a lot of ghosts popping up around the school halls and the cafeteria which makes her plan to act normal kaput.

There’s a bit of plot carry over from the first book, but I think it’s still safe to jump into this one without being too lost.

Book 2 like Book 1 doesn’t have a lot of ghost showdowns. The ghosts so far are benign: if you’ve ever stumbled upon the Ghost Whisperer series with Jennifer Love Hewitt then you’ll see what I mean. There are the Ghost Whisperer episodes were you have the ‘ghost-of-the-day’ and they’re usually ghosts who are stuck because of some problem they need to solve, so on, so forth.

But you know why I really loved this book: Sara has a love interest!

Jayden Mendes is the new kid from last year and he’s probably the only one who understands how Sara feels. It helps that he’s hot and Sara’s getting lovey-dovey vibes from him too. The thing is that she can’t seem to escape the whole seeing-ghosts part of her and every time she’s enjoying a moment with Jayden they’re interrupted by the spirit of his dead older brother.

I can’t promise action, but there’s enough mystery to last the short read, and it helps that Sara is actually coming into her powers a bit. Oh, and she isn’t sharing her secret with herself anymore! Want to know who’s in on her secret, pick up Haunted Memories and find out for yourself.

My verdict:

(4 stars)

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