BAKING REVIEW (12): Gingerbread Cookies

Ginger Cookies
 Lately I’ve been obsessing over Ever After High, and I couldn’t help including this guy, Coach Gingerbread, from the cartoon series.
Haha, I can’t imagine anyone taking a bite out of him — would he taste like a sweaty gingerbread man? 😀

As the year went by, I’m sure my baking reviews are getting more vague. In this case, I completely forgot to bookmark the site where I riffed the recipe for the gingerbread cookies and the icing. Lol.

So no comparisons from the site, but here’s some pictures of gingerbread cookies around the net that make me envy my lacking decorating skills.

And here’s mine straight from the oven:

When it’s frosted:

It wasn’t planning to share the frosted version, but *shrugs* why not?
I’m of the mind that if it tastes good, and looks somewhat appetizing, then I’ve done my job.

These are delicious, and as such I’m going to keep this review short.My only qualm was that it could have been more moist, but that doesn’t make sense because we’re talking gingerbread cookies.

What I liked especially was that there wasn’t too much sugar — other than 3/4 cup light brown sugar — in the cookies because the icing could be sweet, and even a little too sweet…

In the end, this was a great way to end my baking review career. Haha. I can’t replicate this, and I don’t want to in 2016. Then again if I find that extra special dessert, I’d be happy to share. Until then…


My verdict:


(4.5 hearts)

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