Update Day Meet New Blog. (Big Dreams Blog Update #28)

New blog (welcome to WP!), new year, pretty much the same goals where writing and reading are concerned.

I’m still aspiring to be an author, and I’m doing that one word, one sentence at a time. Writing is a cool breeze some days, almost impossible others, but one thing remains the same, I know that I’m meant to be doing THIS. This wonderfully exhausting, soul-wrenching, heart-pounding storytelling thing I love to do.

And I’ve renewed my 52-53 book goal from last year for 2016, with the extra nugget that I’ve taken a break from book reviewing this year. So no formal reviews from me, but I’m sure you’ve figured it out. The blog’s been pretty silent.


Thanks to fellow blogger, Shah Wharton for the blog hop banner! 🙂


So it’s Update Day.

What the flip does that mean?

Well, it means I’m part of a group of 12 other bloggers called the Do You Have Goals? (a.k.a. Big Crazy Dreams) blog hop. After publicly committing to a goal we gather the last Friday of the month and update, keep tabs, and cheer each other on towards the progress of our goals. It’s a warm community and there’s always room for anyone interested. Just click the banner above to be re-directed to the blog hop’s sign-up page. Also SHOUT OUT to blog hop co-hosts, Misha Gericke and Beth Fred.

I’m still figuring out WordPress, so bear with me. Not tech savvy from the get-go, but I’m a slow-to-warm kinda girl and I know I’ll get the hang of working on here. Baby steps. The tortoise completed the race, too. 🙂

For January 2016, I wanted to complete one story. I haven’t finished a WIP since August and sadly I can’t even look back and say I tried to write anything steadily. School and life got in the way — December was super hard on me emotionally. I woke up January 1st wondering what 2016 would bring and coming up empty in the goal department.

I had a breaking point on January 9th, broke up the week-long self-pity party and sent my crappy mood packing, and started to pick up the pieces of my sanity and my dream to be a published author, to do something I love and feel meaningful.

Last night I hit DONE, the end or whatever you want to call it on a top seeeeekrit MS that will stay top seeeeekrit because it’s a ghostwriting project.


But that story, a 56K whopper, I finished in 13 days — it’s not perfect, and it’s not mine, but it’s the jump-start I needed. I woke up this morning feeling like I could conquer all my silly, silly writing-related fears, none of which I will name because they’re SO common and they really are…silly.

I love how these authors put it:

Yep. Sit your butt in the chair and write. Remember, writing is rewriting. Your first draft will be like smearing poop onto the screen of your computer. It will suck that bad. But go in and edit, edit, edit. Then once you’ve edited, edit some more!Anna Banks, YA author of The Syrena Legacy series

It’s not easy but it is exciting to consider the possibilities. It all starts with page one and ends 300 some pages later. Even if it’s a stinker, at least it’s an accomplishment that has a tangible result; a huge pile of paper with words you typed from your very own brain. No one else can do THAT for you. Then if you actually finish the damn thing and want to try to publish it, there are a whole new host of obstacles to overcome. Of course, if you never finish, you’ll never have to worry about any of that. Lisa Medley, author of Reapers series

Have I lifted your spirits?

Both Ms. Banks and Ms. Medley made it, and so can you if you’re a closet author/writer — come on out and try your hand at writing your own story!

I’ve been turning to this advice and so much others like it to keep my spirits lifted and my dream going. So far, so good.

Wrapping up this Update post, I’d like to say for February I want to stay on track for my current 1K/daily goal — I’m currently in the Winter Writing Festival hosted by the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. So until March 1st, 1K a day it is!

As for the reading/weekly goal, I’ve fall WAY behind. I’m in the middle of Becca Fitzpatrick’s latest release, Dangerous Lies and although it’s gripping I’ve been picking it up and slowly reading over the past 3 weeks (yeah, pathetic I know). I’m revitalizing my reading vibe for February: New plan is to play catch-up and read the other 6 books I need to have read by the end of February. Cool?

Also I mentioned something about art journaling, didn’t I?

If I didn’t, that’s been happening. I FINALLY started a journal this year and as I’m wrapping up week 4 I can report that it has been a great outlet for all my emotions, positive and negative. I’m hoping sometime this year I can do a flip-through (preferably a vlog) but I’ll need to get my hand on a camera now that my webcam is useless.

Lots planned, but I’m taking it in bits and pieces — don’t want to overload too quickly! I’ve made the mistake of doing that time and time again in the past.

Until next Update then.


6 thoughts on “Update Day Meet New Blog. (Big Dreams Blog Update #28)

  1. Congrats on finishing that ghost writing project! I hope it’s just the kickstart you need for a wonderful February.

    I think it’s a good idea to start slowly and work your way up to a level you’re happy with. 🙂


  2. Wowza! It sounds like you are doing amazing things! 56k done – that rocks! And, you’re reviewing books and you have an art journal – that is so cool. I would love to hear more about art journaling. 🙂
    Happy writing, journaling, and reviewing!


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