RSS Winter Writing Fest 2016 Update #2: How I’m coping and other equally important things.

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2016


My Week Two of the RSS Winter Writing Festival has come to a close!

Seriously, the weeks are flying already. I can’t believe I’ve been writing for 13 days straight! Oh, and I finished a 56K novel between then. Yikes. And YAY!

When I went into this festival I was sure I’d lower my 1K daily goal within the first 24-48 hours, but through the Festival’s chat room feature I’ve been able to do 20 to 30 minute sprints with other writers and clear that 1K in a couple hours.

I know it sounds like I’m bragging. But if you’re jealous you’re free to join! 🙂 It’s never to late to add as many points as you need to hit the 50 to be considered a festival “winner”. Jump in with whatever daily goal you want and try to hit it and hit it hard until the festival’s end on March 1st.

On the coping front, there’s been a couple things I’ve been doing — you know, those writer’s rituals, to ensure a burnout-free run to the proverbial finish line.

First I’ve embraced being a morning writer. My ‘golden’ hours are between 5am-11am and I work with that burst of inspiration to reach my daily word goals. Secondly, and within the same time discussion, I’ve been writing in shorter bursts and taking stretching breaks away from the computer. So, like I said earlier, the Festival’s chat room feature brought me together with other writers these past two weeks and I’ve found 20-30 min. sprints ideal to combat my short attention span and that Evil Internal Editor.

Take that, Inner Editor.

Finally, I’ve been keeping my writing/professional life separate from my personal life. I used to carry over whatever feelings, good or bad (especially bad) into my relationships and other hobby areas (i.e. reading, sketching/doodling, baking).

Going into Week Three, and moving onto a new project, I’d like to repeat these steps, but I’m going

I know I said that I’d be fine with the 1K/daily, but after today I’ve realized I’m a little tired AND instead of it leading to me quitting writing for another, oh, several months (like I had between August 2015-mid January 2016), I’m going to lower my word count to 250 to ensure I can still work actively on my next project. <– More on that later in the coming month’s updates.

But my morning hours will remain: Now that I know when I’m most productive I figure why stop a good thing going, right?

Until then.

♥ Marna Reed

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