RSS Winter Writing Fes 2016 Update #4: Why write? Why even?

RSS Winter Writing Festival 2016


I almost forgot to post this — that’s because these weeks are flying by, WAAAAY too quickly. One second it’s Sunday then BAM! it’s Saturday and I’m writing an update. What are these update about? Four weeks ago I joined the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood’s Winter Writing Festival. This would be my first time participating, and I joined 5-6 days late, but I’m catching up on the “point” system that awards participants with swag and feel-good vibes for writing-related accomplishments of all sizes.

That’s what I love about the Winter Fest — no one is forcing you to reach any set goal the way, say, NaNoWriMo does with 50K. (Don’t get me wrong, NaNo is awesome and has its purposes!) But sometimes it’s nice to just write and pat yourself on the back for whatever goal you want (that being said, consider Camp NaNo if you want that control).

If I’ve interested you, consider joining in the fun that is RSS Winter Writing Fest that ends March 1st. Even if you think you’re late and you can’t catch up to the arbitrary 50 pts., don’t worry! All you need is a writing goal (or goals) and a drive/passion to see those goals started.

For instance, my goal for the last 4 weeks has been to write daily and write 250/words. Initially, the first two weeks, I set a 1K/daily goal, but I realized that was too much pressure to wake up to every day. Knowing that I had to write about one page a day was MUCH easier to swallow and get my BIC HOK.

So, what happened this week?

I entered a Harlequin pitch and I ended up not mustering enough of the editors’ attentions for a request for more material. 😦 Sad, but I had to pick myself up, dust off and move on with the feedback they’d given me.

I started another ghostwriting project I’m hoping to finish by the close of the month *fingers crossed*. I just did my first sprint of the week. I have been taking it solo, just because. But today reminded me how great a writing community can be. 🙂

This got me to thinking why do I write? And why the strong pull to Romance of all genres (second to mystery — Lord knows I love a good, thrilling mystery)?

First things first, I write because I got these voices in my head. They won’t shut up until I pick up a pen or take my hands and fingers to my keyboard. Only that lasts a short time and then I’m back to entertaining the characters strolling through my mind, the settings opening up before me when I shut my eyes and the scenes playing out like a movie.

For the second question, I’ll say this: I always think about Romance.

Still I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m a rose-glass wearing member of all things Romance. Really I’m a cynical romantic. Outside of the world of romantic comedies and Harlequin novels, I’m all ‘yeah right, insta love more like insta idiocy‘. I write Romance because it’s like fantasy to me, yet the endorphin kicking around my body after finishing a movie or closing a book live long after the storytelling’s done.

What I’m trying to say via my babbling is that I have no clue why I gravitate toward love stories in all manners/genres of tales, I just do. It’s how I can’t explain why I love the colour pink, or stuffed animals, or baby doll dresses or hot cocoa (anything chocolate), I just DO.

But for a more astute answer from one author, here’s a recent video from Harlequin and Entangled-published writer, Stefanie London and her answer to this question posed at a recent panel she attended (enjoy!).

To wrap this post up, my goal this week is to keep up the momentum! Can’t slow down now with 2.5 weeks until the Festival’s close. I need to keep my daily streak going…

Which means I got to get back to writing now!

Until next update.


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