Big Picture Worth 1 million. (Big Dreams Blog Update #29)

It’s another UPDATE DAY.


Where is the time going?

I spent it well though, happy and healthy and I can’t ask for more (well, I could but I’m not going to).

For those of you out of the loop, I’m part of the Do You Have Goals? blog hop hosted by authors Misha Gericke and Beth Fred. We like to call it the Big Dreams hop because it’s a free space to shout out those big (crazy! we like crazy!) dream(s) and do what needs to be done to see that goal or those goals through. Interested? Want to sign up? Click the banner up there or HERE to jump in on the fun!

My goal for the past almost 2.5 years has been to reach 1 million-worth of finished fiction. And I’m still sorta shaky on how I’m defining ‘finished’ but I’ll get back to you on that one.

Along the way I’ve also set yearly reading goals and more smaller writing goals to help me keep focused on the bigger picture. In this case my big picture is worth 1 million words.

And then multiply that by 100 for 1 million. My thoughts exactly, dinosaur-I-can’t-name.

Right now I think I have about 300K (so almost 1/3rd) of the 1 million, I just haven’t updated my word count bar to the right. –> This will happen soon.

In the mean while, other goals!


Last month’s reading goal was renewed this month (kinda). I wanted to have 9 books read by the end of February, but with four days left – hello, leap year! – I don’t think I’m actually going to make it. I’m reading book 8 now, so I’ll likely have that done. So going to be renewing that catch-up goal for March, and I want another 5-6 books read by the 31st.

UPDATE (02/29/16): 3 days later I actually reached my 9 book goal — a picture book and a novella helped! 🙂


I’ve been freelancing for a little over a month now, and it’s fun – but a bit tiresome. The deadlines are hard (a good reason to BIC HOK though). I’m also learning that if I sign a book contract (which I will one day) I’ll be facing my share of deadlines so…nah.

I am planning to take a break from the freelance work – pro of being self-employed, and I’m turning my sights on my own stories! I might be entering another Harlequin fast track (not sure), if not I’ll probably turn my sights on a novella I’ve been meaning to write for a while – since late October/early November.

UPDATE (11ish hours later, still 02/26/16): I just finished my current WIP, a freelancing/ghost project. YAY! Didn’t expect I’d be able to finish it in the 18-day deadline (by the close of February) but I did AND with three days to spare! What, what.

One for me, zero for Ms. Doubting Inner Self.


Since I really enjoyed it last year, I’m entering the April A-Z again, and I’m doing another movie theme. I was going to go the book route, but I decided not to. I don’t like rush-reading. That and I can art journal in front of Netflix. Win-win.


All caught up then. Hoping March brings more than warmer, spring-like weather for those of you suffering winter. Feel good inspiration vibes heading your way, peeps!

5 thoughts on “Big Picture Worth 1 million. (Big Dreams Blog Update #29)

  1. I love your plans for A to Z! I’m not taking part this year since being on the pc for too long seems to be giving me dizzy spells, and I need most of my time here for writing, but . . . best wishes for A to Z!
    And, I love your goals. 🙂


  2. Well done on hitting that deadline. It’s certainly an important skill that freelancing will teach you. Good luck with the A-Z challenge; that is not an easy task!


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