If I were reincarnated to a flower…

I’d be a carnation.

Or I think I’d be. I got this flower personality game from a friend-fellow blogger, J. Lenni Dorner, and I wanted to play, too. I don’t think I’ve got much of a green thumb, so I’d probably never be a flower. I didn’t find my match immediately, too. But then I read the description for the carnation and I found my closest match. Or so I’d like to think. It’s hard to do these personality quiz/games without feeling like you’re stroking your ego. I mean someone out there might totally disagree with you.

I guess what counts is what/who you believe yourself to be (or maybe who you’d like to be).

Here’s the description for the carnation:

Are you a Carnation flower? You tend to be genuine and down-to-earth. Your friends seek your guidance and advice as you’re practical and realistic. You like the simple things in life and fear big changes, however you [have a] unique sense of style.

Genuine and down-to-earth…ahh, I’m too humble to disagree or agree.

Practical, realistic – and sometimes cynical. Heh.

I do enjoy the simple things in life. Or at least I try to, and I do fear big changes. As for unique sense of style (if we’re talking fashion, I’ve been rocking PJs a lot more lately).


Want to play too? Click HERE. Bonus: If you’re a Texas resident, have a Pinterest account, you can also win a $100 VISA card and a Lone Star Living Bouquet when you share your flower-personality type.

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