A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal


It’s that time of the year again – my second go-around and the first time I missed out last year, and even though I’m a day late (and I haven’t officially signed up yet) here’s the announcement of my theme!

Last year I did movie reviews. This year I’m doing movies again, but since I’m actually taking my writing seriously, I’m going to break down the plots of these films. As I’m a pantser by nature, I’m starting to accept (and embrace!) the pros of plotting/outlining even a little before I dive into a story.

I switch between two plotting/outlining methods: the beat sheet and the W-plot structure. Both have worked for me, but I’m more a fan of the beat sheet.

To make things easier, I’ve grouped all of my plot breakdowns on a page linking to all the individual posts. That way if you’re interested, skip to whatever post that you want. Follow along using this list I’ve created as I update come April 1st!

Stay tuned for #atozchallenge fun, coming your way soon (not to theaters)…


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